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What We Offer

ROR is a market leader in the independent provision of ‘only representative’ services. We work with non-European chemical manufacturers, EU manufacturers and importers to ensure they are REACH compliant.

The benefits of working with ROR – What we can do for you

Our role is simple -  it’s to allow you to get on with your primary business activity by lifting the burden of regulatory compliance from your shoulders and minimising your costs.

We will work with you by:

Listening…. all our clients are unique; we take time to understand your compliance concerns and needs

Assessing …. by looking at your needs we identify areas that need to be addressed

Planning…. by looking forward to optimise cashflow

Doing…. only work on tasks necessary to achieve objectives and compliance  

We can add value throughout your product lifecycle by providing expert guidance and services that ensure you remain REACH compliant, this results in your costs, risk and liabilities reducing.

Your "one-stop-shop" for regulatory compliance in Europe

Our head office in the UK is ready to maintain your continuity of exports to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, by being your UK Only Representative, when the UK REACH system comes into force.

Our office in the EU is able to maintain your continuity of exports to the European Union, by being your Only Representative for Europe.

Why not avoid the duplication of effort and have Reach Only Representative take care of both your EU and UK REACH registrations at the same time?